Sunday, February 16, 2014

Josh's Favorite Pancake

I have been on a how-many-bread-like-things-can-I-make-out-of-chia kick lately, and as sort of a spin off of our perfected pizza crust recipe, this pancake uses much of the same ingredients. I have made my boyfriend Josh many pancakes since we have been together, many of them experimental, and this one is his favorite to date. Enjoy!
Chia Pancake
by Bailey West
serves 1

2 T flour (oat works great)*
1 T chia, ground
water (add until you get a sticky gel consistency)
1 t spirulina (optional)
sprinkle of coconut sugar (you don't need much!)

Thoroughly combine all ingredients until wet and easy to form into a ball.

Heat up a non-stick skillet to medium heat. Plop in your mixture and flatten it out with your spatula. Let your cake cook on each side for 2-3 minutes. Be sure to keep an eye on it though, various thicknesses warrant various cooking times. Serve with fresh fruit and enjoy! Other serving options include nut butters, bee pollen, raw honey, granola clusters, and anything else your heart desires!

* I prefer to make my pancakes with coconut flour for a high-fiber, low carbohydrate choice. If using coconut flour, this recipe has only 15 grams carbohydrate (16 grams if you use the sprinkle of sugar) and a whopping 11 grams dietary fiber. This means a mere 5 grams net carbohydrates. While we are on the topic of a nutrient breakdown, this single pancake also packs 7 grams of plant protein. If using coconut flour, use 1 T flour and 2 T chia to keep the pancake from falling apart. The pancakes pictured were made using coconut flour.

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