Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tea Ice Cubes

So, I have this habit. I'm hanging out at home, feelin' good and I really like tea so I make myself a cup. Then I get distracted and when I finally remember my tea, it's cold. I don't like drinking cold tea that was wished to be hot. I am also really into infused waters right now, so I thought "why not turn my leftover tea into ice cubes with which to infuse my water!?" So smart. So simple. No recipe needed. Just brew your favorite tea, forget about it, and then pour it into an ice tray for later use. Bonus: feel really fancy and evolved with your ice cubes made of tea.

 The ice cubes pictured were made from a leftover cup of peppermint tea I abandoned.
Peppermint tea ice cubes are so refreshing on a hot summer day. Other flavors to try: chamomile, lavender, green, earl grey or your favorite!

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