Friday, July 1, 2016

Fourth of July Recipe Roundup

I hope everyone has awesome plans this fourth of July that involve being around friends, family and of course, awesome food. This post is to highlight some of my favorite summer recipes on the blog to help inspire your holiday weekend menu! Holidays can be tricky to navigate with type 1 diabetes, so I like to make sure I'm armed with healthy food and a good mindset. I make sure I remember to pay attention to my body's cues relating to hunger and blood sugar fluctuations, even in the middle of all the distractions social functions and parties can bring. This is key. Whether you like to splurge or not when it comes to party food, just make sure you honor your body by listening to what it says about how much is too much. Your blood sugar will thank you later! Now for the recipe roundup. Click the links to see the full recipes!

Independence Day Tart
A super easy Larabar crust, cashew cream (or try coconut cream!), and fresh berries. This tart is so quick to make, it's a perfect last minute dessert option. I've also made this in a mini version, using 1/2 a Larabar per tart, for party serving ease. The mini version also makes carb counting a breeze!

Zucchini Pasta with Mint Pesto & Roasted Chickpeas
This cold pasta dish is perfect for a light summer lunch or dinner. Full of flavor and nutrients, you'll feel full, but energized.

New Age Cornbread
I love making this cornbread for guests. It's super easy to make and is always a hit. It's a healthier spin on a traditional southern favorite. No hydrogenated lards or artificial coloring in this recipe! Plus, it's gluten-free and vegan.

Super Chopped Salad + Immunity Dressing
This salad easily makes plenty for a group of people and is so refreshing on a hot day. Plus, filling up on raw veggies is one of my best secrets to blood sugar amazingness.

Romaine Boats + Crispy Tofu
Maybe my favorite recipe on the blog. Try it, it's so good. And easy. And pretty.

Banana Ice Cream, Amplified
Feeling adventurous? Try this amplified ice cream. Made from bananas, this ice cream recipe has no added sugar and is dairy-free!

The Gutsy Ginger Cocktail
My favorite cocktail, ever. Kombucha for your tummy and bourbon for your spirit. Ginger for a flavor match made in heaven.

Cashew Cream Cheese with Chives
This recipe takes a while to prep, but trust me; it's worth it.

Collard Wraps
These collard wraps are so refreshing on a hot summer day. Get creative and add whatever fillings you like! Hint: the more colors the better!

Better Balsamic Vinaigrette
If you're more of a throw together a quick salad kind of person, but like to add a homemade edge, try this super simple, whole food ingredient salad dressing! 

Have a happy and safe Fourth, everyone! Thanks for looking.

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